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Happy Cat Hotel & Spa East Granby

Spa Club Membership

Spa Club is a unique membership that rewards cats with the regular grooming required to keep them clean and healthy while awarding cat parents with a 20% discount.

The membership fee is a $60 annual fee. There is no contract nor cancellation fee.

Spa club is simply a commitment to make and keep regular appointments of 8 weeks or less, depending on your cat's breed and coat recommendation. The adherence to this schedule keeps cats familiar with the process and our groomers, prevents coats from building excess grease, fur, and saliva, and makes grooms easier, quicker, and faster for groomers but most importantly, the cats.


Please check that you understand the terms below and sign at the bottom to become a Spa Club member and receive 20% off:

  1. Your membership fee will be charged at the first appointment, following your 1-on-1-on-1 feline assessment with you, kitty, and one of our executive groomers.
  2. Your first appointment will be charged the member rate for that service which is a standard 20% discount.
  3. Appointments will be booked up to 1 year in advance, at an agreed upon frequency between you and our groomers of 8 weeks or less. An individual appointment can be adjusted if necessary.
  4. Appointments should be kept. Any appointments that are cancelled and not rescheduled within the 8 week time frame will be priced at non-member rates.
  5. If I lose the member rate due to my appointment extending beyond the 8 week timeline, my member rate will resume with the very next 8 week appointment I keep.
  6. Appointments that fall on holidays, or other spa closures will be exempt from the 8 week time frame and will retain the discounted rate.
  7. Spa club rates are exclusive to either isolated nail trim services or groom services. If I book a recurring nail trim, the discount applies only to nail trims. I cannot get a groom service at the 20% unless I am regularly booking that groom service.
  8. Nail trims are included in grooms. I can get a nail trim at any time within the 8 week cycle even if I regularly book a different full service groom.
  9. Not all cats and cat coats are similar. A frequency recommendation will be made to me based on my cat's breed & coat characteristics. A groom frequency outside this recommendation may void my membership rates. (The goal of Spa Club is to prevent hairball, matting, shedding, and allergies BEFORE they occur. Often, pure bred and long haired cats need maintenance more frequently than every 8 weeks though every cat is different).
  10. As long as I adhere to the recommendation made by Happy Cat groomers, any mats that do occur during my appointment cycle will be removed at no additional charge.
  11. Special handling fees for aggressive cats are applicable in all cases, with or without membership.
  12. Terms subject to change. You will be informed of any changes.

Wed Dec 8, 2021

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